Our daily routines have definitely changed in 2020!  Working from home, online meetings, etc. are forcing us to remake ways of doing our "normal" routines.  Stores have become less approachable [and maybe you just don't want to venture out] and social media is overwhelming us with confusing information.  All of this doesn't mean you need to stop feeling and looking your best!  I offer a variety of virtual makeup lessons that are personalized and customized to you and your wants/needs.  I even have a Personal Beauty Shopping session to help you navigate this new beauty shopping landscape.


 Which one or two [or more] are you?


  • You're now in front of your computer for meetings and need to look like you didn't just roll out of bed

  • You're getting ready to go on job interviews [in-person or online] and needing a refresh or revamp of your regular makeup look and routine

  • You're a bride whose wedding has been postponed and you're doing a Micro Wedding now.  Vendors are limited due to Covid-19 and you want to learn how to do a bridal look yourself

  • You're a bridesmaid/Mom who needs to do their own makeup and not sure what look to create

  • Maybe it's time to clean out that makeup drawer/bag and see what still works, what doesn't and what you might want to incorporate

  • You're a new mom and need a 5-Minute face

  • You have a tween/teen who is just experimenting with makeup and you'd like her/him to learn the basics first

  • Or perhaps you just want to give yourself a bit of pampering and learn something new! 


Whatever the case may be, I'm here to assist you in exploring your options.

 in the privacy of your own home.  

Do you get overwhelmed in stores or on websites when shopping for skin care and beauty products?

Let me help you end the confusion, declutter your makeup AND your skincare bags to find colors and textures that are absolutely perfect for you.  

  •  Personal Beauty Shopping Service  - 60 minutes  click here

Not sure what lesson/service is right for you? 

Please contact me and we'll chat to find the perfect one for you.